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Web Design Trends in 2019

Knowing what is hot or not is something that plagues all self-conscious people in all parts of their lives. It’s also a struggle when you’re designing a new website. Will the same tricks and styles you used on your last web design project work? Do you need to reinvent the web design wheel? With the web design trends always changing, it can be tough keeping up.

Here are the web design trends we’re seeing in 2019

We’re seeing some themes when it comes to typography, layout, color, imagery, and animations. In most cases, the web design trend is to be on either end of the spectrum. That means brands are looking to be bolder or subtler in order to stand out from the pack. Have a look through these examples and see what might work for your next web design project.

Typography is the hero. We’re seeing a major web design trend towards letting your words do the talking (shocking). What this means for design is short, bold statements that are supported by interesting typefaces and styles. Why distract from the great headline someone wrote? Big, bold text is in. Sometimes it is accentuated with an outlined style or even an emoji. And don’t be afraid of letting serifs make a comeback. When you don’t have a lot of copy, a serif can bring a lot of personality to the page.

Layouts are getting creative. We’ve lived for years in a world where designing a website was all about columns and boxes. We’re finally exploring the boundaries of what that can mean by playing around with what boxes can do. In print, it was always about laying things out to best display the content in a way that carries your eyes to what is important. Now the web is creating more dynamic layouts that help guide your eye through the site.

Colors are either gone or in your face. Everyone is over the blue and gray corporate brand colors. We’re seeing a lot of brands show their personality on the web by taking one of two extremes. There’s a lot of sleek grayscale web design trending right now, where a brand’s color is used sparingly for very important “pops” that draw the eye. On the flip side, we’re also seeing some brands become more comfortable with color and using a vast palette that shows a more playful side.

Stock was dead forever ago, now what? We’re seeing a lot of playing around with imagery on the web. Nobody wants to use a stock photo, ever. So what can you do? Using more natural shapes and creating photo collages has become a big web design trend. Sorry to rip on you again boxes, but corners are not hot right now. We’re also seeing a lot of exploration with illustrations, and brands defining their own illustration styles. Often they’ll be very fluid as well.

Parallax was just the beginning. When CSS3 came out, designers had to think about a whole new level of website design. Hover colors didn’t cut it. What happens on hover? What about when you click this thing? There is some very exciting experimentation coming out on the animation side of websites, which will be the main thing that will set apart a modern web designer. Be brave and play around, but just make sure you’re not overwhelming a visitor. Studying the interactions of popular mobile apps is a great place to start.


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