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The partnership between certificate authority Comodo and hosting panel vendor cPanel, enables a new AutoSSL feature that has already provided 5.8 million free SSL/TLS certificates.

It's about to get MUCH easier to deploy encryption across the web. Comodo and cPanel announced, on December 8, a new partnership to enable an AutoSSL feature that provides free SSL/TLS encryption certificates to cPanel's hosting customers.

While the AutoSSL partnership is officially being announced now, cPanel has already deployed it as part of a phased-in rollout process, issuing 5.8 million free certificates in November alone. According to cPanel, it helps to manage 72 million active domains though its web hosting control panel technology. That means there are potentially 66 million more domains that could benefit from free encryption certificates in the coming weeks.

Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates help to enable encrypted data transfer across the web. Since the beginning of the

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