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Do you think of SEO and web design as separate elements of your website?

You shouldn’t.

In fact, to do both correctly, they have to work together. Google cares about how your site looks and feels more than you might think it does. Even if it can’t “see” it the same way a human user can, there are benefits to building a responsive website that will make your SEO more solid than ever.

Building rapport with Google takes more than keyword frequency. Here’s how you can make your website show up higher on search rankings and stand out from the pack:

1. Mobile matters.

At the end of 2017, Google announced on its webmaster blog that it was going to start indexing mobile sites first. Previously, the desktop version of a website was the one that would get indexed. But from then on, Google slowly began rolling out a mobile-first program.

Google knows what it’s doing. According to

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Wooing online shoppers can be tricky. While your website may look professional and include social proof and trust badges, you could be overlooking less obvious design elements that can affect conversions. But don’t worry; you don’t have to be a web designer yourself to understand and implement these four simple fixes. 

1. Pick the right colors. 

When choosing colors for your website, you shouldn’t simply pick your favorite. Instead, you need to consider the emotions each color will convey and if that emotion matches your brand. It's commonly believed that certain colors affect the way we feel about a business, including whether we decide to make a purchase.

The color blue, for example, is thought to evoke feelings of trust, strength and dependability, which is why companies like Dell, Ford and American Express use it. On the other hand, companies like Lego, Nintendo and YouTube chose red because it tends to evoke excitement and youthfulness.

So consider what your website's colors

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Making sure customers can find your website online is of the utmost importance. That's why improving your website's SEO should be a top priority.


One of the primary challenges for any small business in 2019 is visibility. After all, you might have an amazing business and a beautiful website, but it won't matter if potential customers can't find you. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO, in a nutshell, is the art and science of raising your profile through organic search results. 

You probably already know that. What you might not know is that Google tweaks its search algorithms as many as 600 times a year. That means that great SEO isn't a goal to be attained; it's an ongoing process that requires your constant attention.

Provide a user-focused experience

One of the most important lessons of SEO is also one of the most obvious: if you want

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Add value to your website by utilizing resources from the design community. Here is a list of new web tools and design elements.There are designer and developer apps, coding resources, color tools, fonts, and more. All are free.

Free Design Tools

404 Illustrations provides stylish, memorable images for your 404 “not found” page. Images also add context to site errors.

311 Free Resources for Product Management is a list of free product management tools and templates. Access what you need to create, launch, and manage a product.

Real Dev is a community platform for developers. Businesses can use it to access developer candidates with practical coding tasks. Use five free invitations to start.

Paaatterns is a free collection of visual style patterns for all vector formats. Customize and edit layer styles and vector shapes.

SaaS Pages is a collection of the best landing pages to get inspiration for copywriting

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Knowing what is hot or not is something that plagues all self-conscious people in all parts of their lives. It’s also a struggle when you’re designing a new website. Will the same tricks and styles you used on your last web design project work? Do you need to reinvent the web design wheel? With the web design trends always changing, it can be tough keeping up.

Here are the web design trends we’re seeing in 2019

We’re seeing some themes when it comes to typography, layout, color, imagery, and animations. In most cases, the web design trend is to be on either end of the spectrum. That means brands are looking to be bolder or subtler in order to stand out from the pack. Have a look through these examples and see what might work for your next web design project.

Typography is the hero. We’re seeing a major web

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We already have enough quotes on how wise men learn from the mistakes of others. It is time that we put into practice and find out what are the common web designing mistakes web development companies make and how can you avoid those.

But before we begin with the mistakes, let’s first acknowledge that the goal of a website is not just to give a platform to buy and sell, but also peddle visitors to learn more about the company and create a recall value.

From both the perspective, web design plays a crucial role. The key approach of any web application development company should be to ensure that any design element does not conflict with users’ journey.

Any design element, which favor a particular feature must only perpetuate the objective of that feature, and not meddle with users’ experience.

It is essential that web designers, business owner, and website

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Good design is something obvious. Great design is something almost transparent. Great web design can help build trust with users and motivate them to take your preferred course of actions and create profitable conversions. It’s not something about the influence on somebody’s will, it’s just about design that doesn’t make people overloaded, but rather engages them and helps them decide. From layouts and typeface to colors and CTAs – each detail matters and plays an important role in user engagement.

The digital landscape is getting more crowded. To create a website design which stands out on top of others is definitely a challenge. At the same time, it has become more difficult to impact the user decision-making process, since people are already used to filter external factors influencing their decisions on the web. However, there are things that aren’t subject to change.

Without further ado, we share with you the

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When you're just starting out online - be it for a company website or a simple personal page - getting started can seem overwhelming. The first step to creating your website is to find the web hosting service right for you.

A web hosting service is the home of your website, this is where your files will be stored, protected, retrieved, etc. With a web host, you can purchase the physical disk space on the server in which your website will operate. A proper web host will offer you disk space and bandwidth - the network connection for your website - and will keep your website active online and available for all to see.

Before you begin your search for the web host that will provide your web page the platform it needs to thrive, there are a few things you should understand about web hosting.

Different types of web hosting services

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The partnership between certificate authority Comodo and hosting panel vendor cPanel, enables a new AutoSSL feature that has already provided 5.8 million free SSL/TLS certificates.

It's about to get MUCH easier to deploy encryption across the web. Comodo and cPanel announced, on December 8, a new partnership to enable an AutoSSL feature that provides free SSL/TLS encryption certificates to cPanel's hosting customers.

While the AutoSSL partnership is officially being announced now, cPanel has already deployed it as part of a phased-in rollout process, issuing 5.8 million free certificates in November alone. According to cPanel, it helps to manage 72 million active domains though its web hosting control panel technology. That means there are potentially 66 million more domains that could benefit from free encryption certificates in the coming weeks.

Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates help to enable encrypted data transfer across the web. Since the beginning of the

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