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Your website runs on Joomla!. Joomla! is constantly improving. New updates of the core and the many extensions, modules, and plugins are being released constantly. To keep a Joomla website secure, fast, and reliable you need to maintain it properly. The majority of websites being hacked are not maintained or attended to.

We have been working with Joomla! since 2005 offering Joomla! repairs, managed hosting, updates, and Joomla! consulting for all sizes of organizations.

Joomla Website Maintenance
Our Joomla! web maintenance package, at a cost of $125 per month per site, provides a number of services that keep your site safe and functioning.

Maintenance services include:
  • 24/7 Site Monitoring
  • Core Joomla! Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Regular Full-site Backups
  • Regular Site Integrity Scans
  • Regular Virus and Malware Scans
  • Extension, Module, and plugin Updates *
  • Rebuild In Case Of Hack

Joomla! Website Support

We have years of experience in supporting designing and integrating with Joomla! Sites. We can make large or small modifications to your sites upon request giving you the look and function you’re after. Support is billed by the time required to do the work and is not a part of monthly maintenance.

Support services include:
  • Redesigns
  • Content changes
  • Planning
  • Social media consulting
  • Custom E-Commerce integrations
  • Database integrations
  • Upgrading old sites to current sites
  • Maintenance functions for those not on a Joomla! Web maintenance package
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